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The Brits are here!

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The Brits are here!

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Yes! The political strategists have arrived in Barbados and are hard at work. (We are still trying to work out who applied for the work permits). The Barbados Labour Party (BLP)?has already retained the paid services of two British nationals to determine the future direction of this country. (Tune in to this station as we reveal which faithful is busy in the Warrens area asking for donations to cover costs).  
Information reaching our news desk revealed that Phase One – Send In The Clown Of Rescue, Rebuild And Restore was triggered when Mia was asked to respond to the Estimates. The political advisers were quoted as saying, “Let’s send in [Mia]”. Yep! Mia was part of the strategy – of course, without her knowledge.
Phase Two – Create News. The meeting on Sunday at the BLP headquarters was a politically manufactured forum to make news during the week. One observer in the crowd acknowledged that Arthur refused to speak until the media arrived. The Women’s League thought he had come to address them but they never understood why he took so long to sing his hymn.
The Opposition had no real hard political activities taking place on Sunday, April 1, other than the Women’s League gathering at the local headquarters of World Wrestling Federation. Arthur, as advised, has to create panic and fear in the news. This is Phase Three – Create Panic And Fear.
We know for a fact that once a few are gathered, chairs will fly and necks will be locked. We are somewhat surprised that only Sandra Husbands and Dale Marshall found the time to make it out.
The return of the colonel from the field had no impact on the meeting. The media were strategically informed of the time to arrive which gave Arthur the spotlight and all the coverage.
This weekend, of course, in keeping with advice of the British political strategist, making news will be the order of the day. We are predicting that the combination of Arthur and somebody will come up with some sort of activity aimed at capturing the imagination of the people. This weekend, Arthur will decide who will be the next [person to send in].
 We have offered an authentic account of where Arthur’s focus is. The goal consuming the expired leader is to walk on the lawns of Ilaro Court, one last time. Arthur has demonstrated his thirst for power and the extent to which he will journey. Mia was publicly deposed, Rawle was publicly humiliated and Cynthia Forde’s commitment questioned in public.
There was a kiss and make up with Payne behind closed doors.  Arthur has been advised, over the next couple of months to drop the combative political posture and make public offers of dialogue, as his combative DNA has not found favour with his advisors from the mother country.
The focus for Arthur has been the removal of all existing political obstacles. In Arthur’s world, obstacles manifest themselves in people. To date some of them have been removed. Barbadians, we implore you to reflect on the agenda of the Opposition.
Pull back the veil and examine what lies behind.
 We assure Barbadians our focus will continue to locate people at the centre of the development agenda. We have not lost sight of the fact that Barbados is more than an economy.
This weekend, people of the Christian faith will reflect upon life, death and resurrection.
It’s certainly a time for reflection as some people will have a four-day break from the rough and tumble while some others will have to work.  
Today, no matter what our station in life, we urge all to use the time as an occasion for reflection. Our country, like others across the globe, faces great challenges. We have reported for duty and continue to serve. The Democratic Labour Party is hard at work fashioning a new architecture in these times for a just Barbados.
Barbadians, have a safe and enjoyable weekend.
• Douglas Leopold Phillips is a pseudonym for the Democratic Labour Party.

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