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What says Mr Sinckler now?

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

What says Mr Sinckler now?

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WITH NEWS OF REDjet and Almond stealing the spotlight this week, there has not been much public discussion on CLICO, with some people taking advantage of the breathing room to crawl out from under the proverbial bushel.
And, except you are tirelessly tracking the CLICO International Life (CIL) debacle, like BIPA’s June Fowler is, you may have missed yesterday’s paid advertisement by Financial Services Commission (FSC) on Page 25A of the MIDWEEK NATION.
In it, the Ian Carrington-led FSC acknowledged receipt – albeit grudgingly – of the controversial forensic audit report produced by Deloitte Consulting Limited.
It said: “Access to the forensic audit report was temporarily restricted by the Court on December 19, 2011; this restriction was lifted on February 20, 2012. Thereafter the FSC conducted a review of the document and on March 16, 2012 provided an official copy of the report to our parent ministry.”
The FSC also indicated that the report was delivered to it “on time and in accordance with the directions of the court”, leaving us to assume that the FSC got its copy on the prescribed February date.
Truth be told, the FSC’s published statement is simply not clear. But we now know that the document has been at the Ministry of Finance since March 16.
While the Government on the whole continues to skirt the “explosive” findings of the report, can we assume that Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler has at least popped around the corner of his Bay Street office to share the document with the Prime Minister? Or is it still a case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing vis-à-vis this vexing issue?
We eagerly await Mr Stuart and Mr Sinckler’s response. Certainly, they both must have read the report by now!

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