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Bakeries sold out of hot cross buns

Anesta Henry

Bakeries sold out of hot cross buns

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Hot cross buns are still a “hot” tradition for Barbadians around Easter and this was evident yesterday as bakeries saw sales skyrocket.
Many sold out and one business was forced to alter the baking schedule and bake throughout the day to meet customer demand.
Sales and distribution manager at Purity Bakeries, Christopher Symmonds, said that the 1 500 packs of buns the bakery produced within a six-week period were sold out around 12:30 p.m. yesterday.
“There was so much traffic in here [yesterday] that we honestly couldn’t get traffic to move back and forth. I had to come out and direct traffic myself. Right now, if you go into our shops we don’t have any cross buns left because we have sold out completely.”
Meanwhile, the staff at Bakers Mart, located in Eagle Hall, St Michael, were busy baking the buns all day because the bakery just couldn’t “get enough on the shelves or satisfy orders”, said supervisor Norma Bullen.
“Hot cross buns is a very good seller. All day people have been coming and buying the buns. As fast as we bake and restock the shelves, we have to bake again. Before we even started baking, people were asking for the buns,” she said.
Both bakeries reported that other products were also in high demand.