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FLYING FISH & COU COU: $9 000 cell bill from a trip

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

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A man who went on a pilgrimage overseas did more than just seek to be get in tune with himself. He also racked up cellphone bills of more than $9 000.
Now anyone can accumulate a high cellphone bill as long as he is the one who pays it. But in this man’s case, a certain agency is responsible for paying his cellphone bill.
Cou Cou was told that when the bill came in questions were asked, as no one could believe anyone could have such a high bill.
When the individual was asked to explain the situation, he said that, given his other job, he had to stay in contact with the Big Boss. And so, the bill was paid.
What is so scandalous about the case is that the individual was sent to this agency to ensure costs could be contained there.
Shame! Shame! Shame!   
Boss move
Among the flood of Bajans returning home for Crop Over this year will be a couple who will not be heading back out any time soon.
Their mission is to up the ante in their politicos’ quest for re-election. Word is that even big shots in certain overseas missions will be returning to do this.
Does that mean the bell may ring soon?
Not likely, say those close to the ones who should know.
The reason is simple: they would like to have something to show when they make their case for another chance.   
In God we trust
Don’t be surprised if you saw certain bigwigs in your congregation yesterday, Good Friday, or see them tomorrow at your Easter service.
They are not in the church because they have seen the error of their ways, whatever those sins may be. Rather, they are hoping to get cloaked in prayers and well-wishes.
It seems this group thinks that its only hope of redemption must come from the Almighty God, as the humans they work for are not entirely happy with them.
From what we were told, the members are praying too for a breather from the stream of challenges they have been faced with since being anointed. They are clinging to the old Bajan belief than when all else fails, the Father would be there as He never fails you or forsakes you.
According to one notable strategist though, all is not lost for this embattled bunch. This playmaker, who has repeatedly delivered positive results, told Cou Cou that these people should not despair as a week is a long time in politics, so in the fullest of time their arguments may be able to swing the tide sufficiently to put them firmly back into the driver’s seat.  
We shall all see.
In the dark
A man who is known for not mincing his words was starved of the oxygen of publicity this past week.
It seems this man was scheduled to hold court, of sorts, when a visit from the Barbados Light & Power denied him that opportunity. He was left to ponder why his electricity bill has risen so sharply in recent years and why he is not getting enough patronage to cover his expenses.
Those in the know say he is likely to get bent out of shape when he ponders on these matters.
Seat of poverty
A politico who was well loved by his constituents is now seeing hard times, if an insider is to be believed.
From what we have been told, this man’s own kin don’t really pay him any attention, so his upkeep is left to his spouse.
So serious is the situation that some of those in his clan held a meeting at a popular lunch place and discussed how they can help him out of his tough patch.