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MAVIS BECKLES: Adopting bad habits

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

MAVIS BECKLES: Adopting bad habits

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I won’t tell anybody dat they shouldn’t copy things from other people or places; I won’t tell dem dat they shouldn’t adopt certain lifestyles, even policies or principles.
What I would tell dem, though, is dat if I had tuh copy or adopt anything from anybody, I would be careful tuh pick out the good – the things dat are relevant and beneficial tuh me.
What I’m trying tuh say is this: people like tuh copy and adopt but somehow they adopt all and evahthing, duh doan leave out anything, nutten! Dat is where the trouble comes.
Ya see I come along and hear people saying dat movies are based on real life and having now become a woman, I have come tuh realize dat it is very true.
We also know dat practically all o’ dem movies does come outta the United States and ya notice how some o’ the li’l people ’bout here does be playing dem getting on like some o’ dem very children up there. If we only give dem the opportunity, a lot o’ dem would want tuh go tuh school all made up and in the latest fashions you could think ’bout like dem children up in the States.
Sometimes I would sit down wid my nephew and watch the channel dat does show all o’ dem teenage school pictures. Lemmuh tell ya, the things ya see dem teenagers doing – like sitting down wid duh foot up in the chair, lying down in the bed wid duh shoes on – does make ya cringe.
You evah notice how the young people nowadays, especially the girls, does sit down in a chair? Oh well, let me tell you. When my teenage nieces come at me I does watch dem as duh going tuh sit down; one foot does bend and go in the chair, they would then drop down on it and then the next foot does come up tuh join it, so both o’ dem does be in the chair.
Another thing is this: some o’ dem like tuh sit down pon the arms o’ the chairs although the big chair does be there dat dem could sit down in.
And talking ’bout sitting down, duh like tuh sit down all ’bout, any and everywhere, picking up all kinds o’ foolishness in duh clothes. It is only God’s mercy dat duh doan come down wid more illnesses.
I come along and learn dat when ya go tuh anybody house ya does take off ya shoes; the host of the house does have tuh tell you it is alright. Not nowadays.
I don’t think it happens in every case in the States but I see how dem people does walk all about, through the dirtiest streets, down in the dirty subways and then go home. They would open the door, walk all through the house, which most o’ the time got carpet; duh does walk in the kitchen, the living room and then in the bedroom wid the same shoes on pon duh foot. Then some people does even sit down pon the side o’ the bed and take off duh shoes. I would never be able tuh understand dat.
You think anybody could say dem walking ’bout through my house in shoes dat dem come from outside in? Not dat house dat I does break my poor back tuh clean and keep clean so dat I could walk ’bout barefooted in? No man, I doan believe in dat.
You know how many things you does walk in?
You does see all kinds o’ dead animals and evahthing else in the road and you gine walk in it, walk all through the house wid dem same shoes, then I gine walk ’bout through wha’evah you bring in and then go in my bed wid it too? Oh no, dat is not true at all. Wunna could call me a old prude but at least in at me gotta be clean, boh!
That is one o’ the things I doan like ’bout dem service people; duh hate tuh take off duh shoes when duh come tuh repair anything at ya place; even though I am sure dat a lot o’ dem, if not all, don’t and can’t walk ’bout in their own homes wid dem big-able heavy shoes pon duh foot. I am sure dem does have tuh take dem off at the door before duh go in the house.
The problem wid dem when duh come tuh your house is this: the shoes does be so big and tall and wid a yard and a half o’ lace-un tuh untie, I believe that is why dem doan like tuh take dem off ’cause, fuh sure, it gine take up half o’ the time dem got tuh spend at you place.
I think the companies these service people working for ’bout here should now adopt the policy o’ some companies overseas and make sure their employees have on dem pull-on shoe covers when duh come tuh ya place – especially when the rain falling.
The other thing is this: wid all o’ this leptospirosis and all kinds o’ new-fashion viruses stirring, I think we need tuh adopt a better and cleaner way of living.