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Prices slide

Ryan Gilkes

Prices slide

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The price of goods in some supermarkets are now lower than they were six months ago.
Though not giving specific examples, Minister of Commerce and Trade Senator Haynesley Benn attributes the lowering of prices in part to the monthly publication of the Consumer Price Index and Comparison.
Benn told the SATURDAY SUN that comparisons from October last year to the present have shown a basic levelling out of prices at various supermarkets.
“During the first six months when we first started, we saw prices fluctuating more or less up and down across the 20 odd supermarkets that we have been reporting on. In the chains like SuperCentre, for example, I have seen prices level. What you get in Warrens is what you get at Oistins and in JBs and also Big B,” he explained.
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