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PUDDING & SOUSE: Blows served up as guests watch

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Blows served up as guests watch

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Breakfast at a “certain” fine dining restaurant will never be the same again.
Two female staff members ended up serving more than the guests expected and had everyone scrambling for their lives when they started fighting with each other.
The noise also broke up a top-level meeting that was being held in a conference room.
Witnesses say weave and broken fingernails landed on the breakfast tables in front of wide-eyed guests, while glasses and plates were broken in Greek style.
Security had to be summoned to get between the two angry women, both of whom were bloody and bruised.
Management was so blue that they fired them on the spot and were forced to refund guests the money they had paid for the food.
The event was said to be the biggest embarrassing moment ever at this top-class West Coast hotel.
Love triangle
A young man who has been caught up in a love triangle for many years is hiding out behind his chain-link cage after finding out in a most embarrassing way that he is the father of his outside woman’s baby.
He has been denying paternity for over a year, saying he could not father a child because he drank too much alcohol. But it appears that no alcohol was in his blood when he slept with his outside woman, as shown by the damning results of a DNA test on the child.
From what we understand, the results were posted all over his father’s business place and even on Facebook for everyone to see.
Guess this man will never learn his lesson because his staunch woman spends so much of her time teaching others. Wonder what she will do when another test is done on another child, whom he has also disowned for many years.
Law and disorder
At a time when a certain disciplinary organization is struggling to find a few good men to fill its ranks, it seems to be also facing the huge challenge of weeding out the bad seeds.
Recently, a number of them have been hauled before the law courts for one thing or another.
Now an internal scandal involving a senior member and a junior female colleague is set to rock the organization again.
Inquiring minds are asking what is going on. They want to know how the public is supposed to have confidence and faith in this organization when its members are being accused of criminal acts.
Women calling shots
Two young female volunteers are causing havoc at an institution.
They are supposed to be assisting with an important programme there, but instead of following the timetable, they turn up and leave whenever they like.
The head of the department, who is responsible for hiring these two inexperienced volunteers, has not even sought to keep them in line but is always criticizing the hard-working professional  staff.
These days, instead of attending the classes, the two women have resorted to doing drama that is also way out of their league.
Everyone is waiting to see if the big boss will put his foot down on these two young women and their boss.
Wrong turn
A short buxom taxi driver with a luxury car should be very careful when he parks out on the platinum coast with his sidekick.
He may think that he is the first to score with the sidekick, who recently got involved in the family business, but that is not the case.
His colleagues are laughing at him for being so naive because this woman has been picking up more taxi drivers than she picks up passengers.

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