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Raging seas on Good Friday

Carlos Atwell

Raging seas on Good Friday

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There is a Caribbean superstition which speaks to keeping out of the sea on Good Friday but yesterday the sea itself seemed to be warning Barbadians not to venture in.
The claim in some islands is that if you step into the sea on Good Friday you will turn into a fish or meet with misfortune. Some people say bad luck befalls those who go to the beach.
However, it did not take too much convincing for people on the West Coast to stay out of the water yesterday as waves pounded the coastline from St Michael to St Lucy.
At Brandons Beach, St Michael, red flags warned people to stay away as the sea continually tried to flow across the beach. Some people opted to picnic and play games on the sand, while others ventured closer to the sea to watch the waves go up the sand. Only the very adventurous went into the water.
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