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Results Day 1 CARIFTA Games

Compiled by Sherrylyn A Toppin in Bermuda

Results Day 1 CARIFTA Games

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Results of events completed in the first session of the 2012 LIME CARIFTA Games at the National Sports Centre, Devonshire, Bermuda.
Abbreviations: LCA – St Lucia. ANG – Anguilla, TRI – Trinidad & Tobago, JA – Jamaica, FGU – French Guiana, BAR – Barbados, BAH – The Bahamas, CUR – Curacao, GUD- Guadeloupe.
Open Girls’ Pentathlon 100M Hurdles

Sharnique Leonce (LCA) 15.26 seconds, 2. Dee-Ann Rogers (ANG) 15.76, 3. Ayana Glasgow (TRI) 15.84m

Under-20 Boys’ Discus

Fedrick Dacres (JA) 58.57 metres, 2. Dean-Nick Allen (FGU) 53.50m, 3. Ashinia Miller (JA) 50.37, 5. Tristan Whitehall (BAR) 44.40m, 6. Romario Antoine (BAR) 41.91m

Under-17 Boys’ Shot Put

Demar Gayle (JA) 17.31m, 2. Kenejah Williams (TRI) 16.75m, 3. Drexel Maycock (BAH) 15.67m

Under-20 Girls’ Triple Jump

Sabina Allen (JA) 12.18m, 2. Tamara Myers (BAH) 11.62m, 3. Anthonique Butler (BAH) 11.45m

Under-17 Girls’ High Jump

Jehvania Whyte (JA) 1.60m, 2. Nargolis Statie (CUR) 1.60m, 3. Samara Spencer (JA) 1.55m

Open Girls’ Pentathlon Shot Put

Gleneve Grange (JA) 13.11m, 2. Sharnique Leonce (LCA) 9.46m, 3. Ayana Glasgow (TRI) 7.79m

Under-17 Girls’ Triple Jump

Yanis David (GUD) 12.73m, 2. Marine Vidal (GUD) 12.21m, 3. Tamara Moncrieffe (JA) 11.57