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Consumers: Prices still high

Anesta Henry

Consumers: Prices still high

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DESPITE what Minister of Commerce and Trade Senator Haynesley Benn says, consumers believe that prices in some supermarkets are not any lowerthan they were six months ago.
In yesterday’s SATURDAY SUN, Benn reported that a comparison between prices since October last year to the present had shown a basic levelling out of prices at various supermarket
But shoppers yesterday said they did not share that view.
At Popular Discount on Spooners Hill, St Michael, shopper Cyriele Benn declared: “I shop every week and I haven’t seen any [price] decreases . . . .
“The prices in the supermarkets are still high. Every week I spend almost $400 in groceries which is inclusive of things that I definitely need.”
Benn also reported: “If you see the price for an item drop, you would see that the price for another item is going to rise.”
Pensioner Olga Carrington, who had just completed shopping at Popular Discount for herself, her husband and grandson, pointed out: “If the prices of things
in the supermarkets were lower, I wouldn’t have had to leave a lot of things in the trolley just now.
“Prices gone down? That would never happen, sweetie pie! The prices gone up. I went and shop there just now and had to leave half of my things in the trolley. Listen to me, I gone in there and pick up everything I want and when I meet to the cashier the money gone over,” said the 66-year-old. “Even bread and biscuits that I wanted to get I had to put back.”
At Super Centre Warrens, another pensioner, who only gave his name as “Bryan”, declared: “I haven’t noticed any lowering in prices. The prices remain the same to me – high and ridiculous. I buying the same things every week and the money is the same.”
In the same supermarket, one shopper who asked to be referred to as “Jenny”, remarked: “Even if there is a reduction, it must be very small.” 
Efforts to gain comments on the minister’s report from management of supermarkets proved futile. (AH)