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Customers affect bottom line

Natasha Beckles

Customers affect bottom line

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Barbados National Bank’s (BNB) corporate and commercial customers were reminded last week of the value of good customer service.
Speaking on Wednesday during the bank’s first quarterly breakfast seminar of the year, managing director and chief executive officer Derwin Howell told those gathered that the success of any business depends on the way it treats its customers.
“There is nothing more critical to the success of business than how we interact with those who are depending upon us for the supply of goods, services or information.
“Listen to them, put them first, make them feel special, thank them and let them know how important they are and you can be assured that they will remain with you just about forever,” he said during the event at the Island Inn hotel.
Howell noted, though, that if companies do something wrong, they will feel customers’ wrath and “news of your transgression or their bad experience will spread like wildfire”.
“Whether you are in a service-oriented industry or not, your relationship with your customers will reflect on the company’s bottom line,” he said.
Howell stressed that Trinidadian-owned BNB saw its role as not only providing financial assistance but also working with customers to build successful businesses through information, tools and educational events.
“As a member of the Republic Bank family, we will deliver on the commitment to bring initiatives to the local marketplace that will benefit our customers through the improvement of operations, education and resources underscored by the view that we must help you improve your businesses,” he said.