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Early results at CARIFTA

Sherrylyn A.Toppin in Bermuda

Early results at CARIFTA

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Results of events completed in the fifth session of the 2012 LIME CARIFTA Games at the National Sports Centre, Devonshire, Bermuda.
Abbreviations: LCA – St Lucia, AIA – Anguilla, TRI – Trinidad & Tobago, JA – Jamaica, FGU – French Guiana, BAR – Barbados, BAH – The Bahamas, CUR – Curacao, GUD- Guadeloupe, BVI – British Virgin Islands, BER – Bermuda,  GUY – Guyana,  BAR – Barbados, DCA – Dominica, SKN – St Kitts/Nevis, MAR – Martinique, TCI – Turks & Caicos Islands, ANT – Antigua and Barbuda, UNA – Unattached (Suriname).
Under-17 Girls’ Discus

Dannielle Gibson (BAH) 5.89 metres, 2. Samara Spencer (JA) 5.87, 3. Tamara Moncrieffe (JA) 5.79m, 5. Jalisa Burrowes (BAR) 5.55m

Open Boys’ Heptathlon High Jump

Klode Thompson (BAR) 2.06m, 2. Luke Cox (TCI) 1.94m, 3. Kevin Cox (GRN) 1.94m, 6. Rhys Phillips (BAR) 1.64m

Under-20 Girls’ Long Jump

Akela Jones (BAR) 6.18m, 2. Janieve Russell (JA) 5.86m, 3. Claudette Allen (JA) 5.85m

Under-20 Boys’ Shot Put

Ashinia Miller (JA) 18.96m, 2. Emmanuel Onyia (JA) 18.89, 3. Hezekiel Romeo (TRI) 17.95, 5. Tristan Whitehall (BAR) 16.16, 6. Romario Antoine (BAR) 13.96m

Open Boys’ Heptathlon Discus

Lindon Toussaint (GRN) 51.15m, 2. Klode Thompson (BAR) 36.15m, 3. Charles Sealy (BAH) 35.42m, 4. Rhys Phillips (BAR) 32.72m

Under-17 Boys’ Javelin (Record)

Anderson Peters (GRN) 60.50m, 2. Mickel Joseph (GRN) 59.95, 3. Denzel Pratt (BAH) 59.33