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Power in new birth

Cheryl Harewood

Power in new birth

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HANDS WERE RISING and clapping in praise, feet were moving to the rhythm of the music, with Holy Ghost power definitely moving just like the magnet in a well-known gospel song.
And, as the worship leader sang I Have Decided To Follow Jesus, the congregation lustily sang along to the medley of songs, which included the uptempo At The Cross At The Cross Where I First Saw The Light; I’ll Say Yes Lord Yes; Fire, Fire Fire; Jesus Is My Deliverer; and The Holy Ghost Power Is Moving Just Like A Magnet.
How appropriate the last song was as Methodists from across the island gathered in the car park of the Ann Gill Memorial Methodist Church on March 28.
It was the final night of a series of Wednesday night outdoor evangelical services at various Methodist churches under the theme Methodist Church On The Move – A New Life In Christ.
The preacher was Irish evangelist Reverend Dr Ken Wilson.
Many sat under a huge tent, with countless others standing on the sidelines to hear Wilson recount the story of Nicodemus.
At the end of his sermon, he concluded that all men needed to be born again to enter Heaven, and therefore we must all look to Jesus and live.
Dr Wilson reasoned: “The only way to enter Heaven is to have our sins forgiven and to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.”
He stressed that being born again was a matter of the heart, and not about outward religious observances.
Wilson described Nicodemus as a prominent, wealthy, religious Pharisee who kept all the rules and observed the Law.
“He was a respected man, yet Jesus told this deeply religious man he needed to be born again. He was scrupulously honest in all he did, yet Jesus told him he needed a new birth.”
Wilson pointed out that “Jesus does not want our religion, but a brand new creation. He wants to make us over”.
He also noted that Jesus used three illustrations to describe the new birth.
First, he said it was like the birth of a new child in the womb who then entered the world.
“Being born again is to enter a new, exciting world of the spirit. It’s a whole new experience.”
Secondly, he likened the new birth to the wind in the trees.
“When the Holy Ghost comes into a person’s life, a force for good enters that person’s life. It will not only be in the heart but it will work its way out. There is also the power to overcome temptation,” Wilson explained.
Thirdly, he said, the new birth was like Moses lifting up the serpent in the wilderness.
“Just as the Israelites looked upon the serpent and lived, we too must look to Jesus now and live.
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