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Monster kite stays up

Lisa King

Monster kite stays up

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A landmark 45 minutes was how long the monster kite remained airborne yesterday, compared with two minutes last year.
There was a great sense of relief when the 26-foot kite settled nicely aloft and gave the hundreds of St Joseph residents who converged on the Andrews Sugar Factory pasture the show they came out for.
However, there was a little disappointment when after almost an hour of prepping on the ground and over 30 men being put in position to get the second kite, a 28-footer, hoisted into the air, it veered to the side and crashed, breaking a part of the bamboo frame.
Ryan Williams, one of the lead members of the kite-flying team, said after last year’s failed attempt when a similar 26-foot kite flew for only two minutes, some improvements were made.
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