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Online next frontier

Ryan Gilkes

Online next frontier

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As The University of the West?Indies Cave Hill Campus prepares to roll out its programmes online, principal Professor Sir Hilary Beckles has described the move as “the next frontier”.
“We will have another body of students who are online and, I suspect, [in] another ten years we will have as many online students registered at Cave Hill as those who physically come here,” he told the DAILY NATION.
The principal noted that the move was in keeping with the notion of Barbados having one university graduate per household.
“We have 110 000 households and we believe that we can complete this process of creating knowledge households. [Because] when you have a graduate or two, Internet and broadband, the tools of learning, it is transformed into a knowledge household. Looking at this century going forward, it will be each country for itself.
“Therefore, every household going forward is going to have to be a knowledge-based household,” Sir Hilary said, suggesting that this was a strategy to sustain Barbados as a viable society and economy.
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