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Car crashes into elderly couple’s home

Lisa King

Car crashes into elderly couple’s home

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The afternoon rest of two elderly Christ Church residents was interrupted when a car ran off the road and crashed into their house.
Ninety-three-year-old Samuel Jarvis and his 86-year-old wife Naneta recalled that shortly after 3 p.m. yesterday they were in bed resting when they heard a loud noise in the house, after which someone came and told them to leave the bedroom because a car was in the house.
“We were in the bedroom lying down and we hear this thing like galvanize crashing, and then someone come in and tell me, ‘Come, come’, and just so a car in the house,” Naneta said.
The elderly woman explained that normally she would sit down in the damaged room to watch television but, thankfully, the cricket match at Kensington Oval was not being televised or she would have been in that room watching television.
The couple lamented the destruction of a number of things of sentimental value.
Naneta said: “It brek up everything. All the TV brek up, all the cabinet gone – and I had that cabinet for over 40 going on 50 years”.  
Up to press time police, though confirming the accident, supplied no details about the identity of the driver or the cause of the crash.