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All roads lead to home


All roads lead to home

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And it can play some serious tricks on you if you are not careful.
At times, we see what is not there and we believe what is not true.
It is easy, too, to create scenarios and formulate conspiracy theories to add further to what we believe.
It is very possible also to overthink things, or simply just think too much about situations.
We also believe what our minds conjure up, irrespective of whether these things are so or not, and at the end of the day these situations become so real that it is difficult to budge or think differently.
That said, sometimes we have to give others, especially our partners, the benefit of the doubt.
When our partner tells us something, we need to trust what they are saying, unless we have a good reason not to.
Too often many of us jump to conclusions.
This is exactly why trust in relationships is so important. When broken it is hard to repair and undo the severe damage it causes.
That said, we have to trust – not blindly nor stupidly, but trust unless you know for sure otherwise.
At times, too, it is necessary to give someone enough rope to hang themselves because at the end of the day the truth always comes out, no matter how hard you try to cover it up.
All these things should be considered when looking at this week’s Secrets’ Corner question:
Your partner was involved in a car accident, but was not injured. What you can’t understand is why they were in that particular location. They were supposed to be on the way home yet they were going in the opposite direction.
How would you handle this news, knowing that the direction they were going in could have been leading to someplace you both discussed was off-limits?
In this scenario it would be wise not to rush to judgement because you may find out that all your assumptions are wrong.
First off, you should be thanking God that your partner is alive and well after being involved in this accident.
Where the accident took place should be irrelevant to you at this point – safety is paramount.
Let this discussion take place after.
Too often our minds run off with us and we fail to see the big picture and understand what is truly important. Yes, you may have discussed an area that is “off-limits” to your partner, but don’t rush to judgement because you don’t know the situation or the circumstances.
You don’t know why your partner was even in that area. Give the person a chance to explain.
Be happy your partner is alive and uninjured.
As for a particular area being “off limits” to a partner, the truth is no one can determine where another person should go. Dictating someone’s movements will only spell trouble and possible disaster. It could lead to dishonesty and lies in the relationship as well, especially when you actually journey to the “off-limits” area.
Some readers weighed in and gave their comments.
• “I would be thanking God that my partner escaped serious injuries and was alive. Partners have to trust each other. There could have been a number of reasons why he/ she was in that location. There could have been a diversion, they could have been taking home a friend who was feeling unwell, or just dropping another work colleague off.”
• “All roads lead to home and I personally won’t be discussing which route my partner should take to work or use when returning from work.
My concern would be safety. Say the road was blocked. Was your partner to park up the car and start walking in the right direction? What foolishness.”
In Barbados all roads lead to home.
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