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Angry co-workers want thief out

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Angry co-workers want thief out

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IT SEEMS that another dishonest employee will get off scot-free after stealing from Government.
Pudding & Souse understands that this damsel, who has been in distress for a while after the money turned up missing from her till, was advised to get a loan to pay back the thousands of dollars she stole.
Angry colleagues are asking why someone would bend over backwards to ensure that she keeps her job since this is not the first time that money has been missing from her station. People are obviously saying that her close friendship with the boss has saved her once again.
There is no comfort for colleagues even though she has been banished to an office, far away in the country, where no money flows.
Wifey in control
A CERTAIN LAWMAN who works on the high seas has moved out of his girlfriend’s house and gone back to his wife, leaving his infant son with no support.
And, to add insult to injury, a big party fit for a king was held in his honour to signal his return to his “palace”.
It is widely believed that he is not aware of what is going on around him because he appears to be in a zombie-like state. His friends are saying that someone must have put some “come-back-home” ingredient in his food because that is the only way he would leave his new family behind.
Heavy bounced out
AN OVERWEIGHT MAN who shot to fame for the wrong reason was recently fired by his employers who could no longer put up with his arrogant behaviour.
From all reports, he apparently got too big for his boots and started behaving as if he was the one in charge. Management was so upset by his negative attitude that it started to wonder if he had turned into this monster because he had gotten off with a slap on the wrist.
For the time being, daddy has him floating around. He has even told some of his business associates that he doesn’t trust this uppity individual as far as he can throw him – and from the looks of it he can’t throw the man very far.
Financial mess
THINGS ALMOST got a bit messy at a media organization when it was discovered that the man who was running for a senior position to represent workers on behalf of the union was not even in good financial standing.
Discovering that he had not paid his dues for many years was a major embarrassment for all of the workers whom he solicited to support him.
He will have to wait a while longer before he can be a thorn in anyone’s side.
When love is blind
PEOPLE FROM a certain upscale district are wondering what it will take to get a young man who drives a fancy vehicle to leave his partner.
It seems like the woman has worked her magic spell on this man. No matter how she horns him, he refuses to leave.
He is so blinded by love that he cannot see that this woman is interested only in his pay cheque.
He drives around feeling proud to have her but everybody is saying that he’s just plain stupid and has become the laughing stock of the community.
People want to know what it will take for him to leave this unfaithful girl.