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Blessings, curses

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Blessings, curses

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I WONDER when we in the Caribbean, Barbados in particular, gine stop pulling down we own people? I wonder when we gine stop speaking every kind o’ negative thing into we own people?
I really wonder if we realise dat we is we biggest enemies? We is we own doing and undoing and we own downfall.
I wonder if any o’ we evah stop tuh think dat we doan only think the negative things but some o’ we does go on tuh actually voice dem; not once, not twice but all the time, ovah and ovah again and doan expect dat the same very thing we speak into the atmosphere gine eventually come tuh pass.
We profess tuh be so religious, we know evahthing ’bout the Bible; suh much so dat if anybody start talking ’bout the Bible, even the vilest person out there who we won’t believe would know anything ’bout God does join in.
Look, a lot o’ people know the Bible inside out – duh could rattle off verses like the alphabet – but I gine tell you the truth; duh like duh doan hear demselves, neither do they understand what they are saying nor the true meaning of what duh saying.
Ya see, a lot o’ dem does be misquoting it ’cause dem does conveniently forget the parts they should really remember.
You would nevah hear any o’ dem talking ’bout wha’ the Bible say about life and death or death and life, howevah you choose tuh put it, being in the power of the tongue.
Duh ain’t gine remember nutten so, it too deep fuh dem. These negative Bajans who ain’t got nuh kinda loyalty tuh duh own does be too busy tearing and pulling down, pulling apart and picking tuh pieces the young athletes, especially cricketers.
They ain’t realise dat it is because o’ the lot o’ negative words dat does be coming outta dem mout’ whenever the men doan perform tuh suit dem is why the men could be failing. Dem speaking death into the men all the time.
I wonder if any o’ these sharp-tongued Bajan negative-thinkers evah check in the Bible and read James 3:1-12, especially from Verse 3 where it says dat when we put bits in the horses’ mouths tuh make dem obey us, we can turn the whole animal. Or take ships fuh example: although duh suh large and are driven along by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherevah the captain wants tuh go.
So, in the same way, the tongue is a very small part o’ the body and depending on how ya use it, it could corrupt the whole body. It goes on tuh tell you dat wid this little tongue, we praise the Lord and wid the said same tongue we does curse we own brother. It says dat all kinds o’ animals, have been tamed by man but not one soul cahn tuh this day tame the tongue.
It ain’t me dat say it; the Bible says dat the tongue is a restless evil, full of deadly poison and another part says the tongue is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body.
What I trying tuh get at here is dat we got tuh learn tuh stop washing we mout’ pon we people, learn tuh control the red rag in we mout’s (according tuh my mother) and stop speaking the lot o’ curses into the young fellas’ lives evahtime duh go out ’pon a cricket field tuh play a game fuh we entertainment.
Hot, broiling sun
Despite the fact dat the fellas might be getting a good few dollar bills in duh hand when duh get selected tuh play ’pon the West Indies team, duh is only still human; doan grudge dem or kill dem. Wunna think it is fun stan’ing up and running ’bout in the hot, broiling sun or sometimes in the cold fuh days at a time fielding balls, tuh get beat?
How wunna think dem bowlers does feel when dem got tuh run up and down like duh doing sprints, pelting a ball at a man wid a bat in he hand fuh a whole day and cahn get he out? Duh cahn feel good. You could only imagine their frustration when dem think dat they have tuh come back the next day and start over again. Wha’, dah cahn be easy.
My thing is this: why all o’ wunna who, because the fellas ain’t meet wunna expectations at the time, doan try blessing dem, encouraging dem and speaking more positive things into their young lives?
You mean tuh tell me only when the men do good is when wunna gine jump up and do bad? But then from the time things ain’t going according tuh wunna likings wunna gine castigate dem? So wait! Wha’ wunna doan think dat the other teams come out tuh win too?
Dat is why the Jamaicans are so successful in athletics; one does help all and the country does be behind dem no matter what. The same thing goes fuh the Trinidadians; it is only we in Barbados who cahn help showering curses ’pon we own people. If um ain’t one body, it does be the next – Obadele Thompson, Dwayne Smith, Pedro Collins, Ryan Brathwaite, Gabby, RPB and Rhianna, tuh name a few.
Try appreciating and blessing we own people fuh a change. You would see how we people would grow and, moreso, how good it would make you feel!