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TALK BACK: New citizens, ATVs tops with readers

Carol Martindale

TALK BACK: New citizens, ATVs tops with readers

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The controversial all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) were back in the news last week.
Prompted by news of a proposed ban on these vehicles on public roads, as well as in the Scotland District, some online readers didn’t waste any time airing their views.
In her column It Matters To Maria last Friday, Maria Bradshaw said the owners were now requesting an urgent meeting with Minister of Transport and Works John Boyce, after hearing of the ban.
This was one of the most talked about issues this past week, with some people slamming the “hazardous” operation of the ATVs on the roads.
Daniel Polonis: “These have no business operating on roadways. They should have a designated riding area that will not impact the ecology of the area.”
Pan Wallie: “In hindsight, it seems like Government dropped the ball again. How would you give permission for the operation of such a novelty as these ‘Atrociously Terrifying Vehicles’ without fully understanding the impact it would likely have in this free, culturally wild country of ours?”
Rick Rude: “It is easy to call for the banning of a particular activity when you don’t partake or have a preference for it. If a couple of reckless people perform stunts with their cars (drag racing at Lowlands and other highways, racing through traffic, breaking red lights, purposely sliding around roundabouts) would we say that we need to ban cars to get rid of the problems, or would we be calling for better law enforcement?”
Another issue which grabbed the attention of readers was the granting of Barbadian citizenship to 120 people during a ceremony held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Conference Centre.
The new citizens, with Bibles in hand, were required to swear the Oath Of Allegiance before Acting Governor General Elliott Belgrave.
Vernetta Lawrence: “This is wonderful! It says to me that people see Barbados as a land of beauty and opportunity. I currently live in the United States and am a naturalized US citizen who maintains a Bajan passport. My child has been registered as a Bajan citizen.”
Ryan A. Smith:  “I respect the fact that they have gone about it formally and applied for citizenship . . . .”
Titus Thomas: “Congrats to those who are now legal citizens!”
Trudy Mayers: “Love the initiative! I am glad it was a ceremony of sorts. It’s a privilege to be a Bajan and we who are born Barbadians don’t seem to think so.”
Annetta Worrell: “Sorry for those who gave up their birthright and vowed never to return to Barbados. I can’t wait to return and claim my piece of the rock. [I am] counting down my years to retirement. I am a proud Bajan and always will be . . . .”