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DEAR CHRISTINE: Boyfriend asks for forgiveness

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Boyfriend asks for forgiveness

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Dear Christine,
I am 28 years old and my fiancé is 32. Two years ago he left the island to study abroad.
It was about that time that we got engaged and decided to get married on his return the next year.
I have visited him on two occasions and had a really good time.
Last February he called and asked me if I still wanted to marry him. I told him yes. He said he was still very much in love with me, but that he had gotten a young woman pregnant following a night of partying.
He said it was not a relationship and that the young woman does not want to have anything to do with him. She just wants him to support the child.
He also told me it was the only time he had ever been unfaithful to me and asked me to forgive him. Christine, I am tearing up inside. What do I do? I cry most days. Your advice would certainly help.
– C. R. P.
Dear C. R. P.,
I know you may be feeling betrayed right now but I see a bright side to your story.
Your fiancé did not have to let you in on his unfaithfulness because you are here and he is there.
However, he has laid the results of his actions before you, most likely with the hope that you would forgive him.
The woman is clearly not interested in him but, of course, she has a child who will need support. The real victim here is the child, who must some day face the fact that he or she was the result of a one-night stand.
I think you should stop thinking about your hurt right now and stand by your fiancé. We all make mistakes, since none of us are perfect, but do not let this current trial keep you down in the dumps.
True love never fails. Though it will not be easy – certainly not at first – forgive him and keep loving him.
I believe things will get better for you two.