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Teachers awaiting PM’s word

Yvette Best

Teachers awaiting PM’s word

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It is a wait and see scenario at the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union headquarters in Belleville this afternoon, where more than 20 teachers have been waiting for most of the morning to hear when Prime Minister Freundel Stuart will convene a meeting with the 30 teachers from Alexandra School, who staged a three-week strike at the beginning of last term.
The only thing that has been confirmed at this time is that the meeting will be held at Stuart’s official residence at Ilaro Court.
Union president Mary Redman is said to be on her way, as the teachers take a lunch break.
The atmosphere is tense as teachers ponder what Stuart is likely to say to them after waiting to hear about a permanent resolution to the protracted differences between them and school principal Jeff Broomes which date as far back as ten years.
The teachers are now waiting at the BSTU to go to Illaro Court when the PM gives the word.