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PUDDING & SOUSE: Eyewitness to a murder?

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Eyewitness to a murder?

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A man who is claiming that he witnessed a murder is spilling his guts on the block and telling everyone that he will step forward on the day of reckoning.
The talk has already spread like wildfire, and people who know the victim are saying that they believe what this man is saying because they were always suspicious about how the deceased died.
From all reports, the eyewitness to the crime has told his friends that he peeped through a small window and saw three men brutally beating the deceased, who was sitting in a chair with his hands tied behind his back. He also saw one of the men viciously kick him out of the chair and heard a loud thump as he landed on the ground.
He said he heard the man plead for his life before he took his final breath.
If this account is true, certain individuals will have a lot of explaining to do.
Boy raped by boss
The parents of a young man have written a letter to authorities outlining how their teenage son was brutally raped by his boss, who threatened to fire him if he did not give in.
In the shocking tell-all letter, which was even posted to Pudding & Souse, the parents charge that the boss, who operates a well-known business, sexually assaulted their son and had also seduced the boy by offering him a BlackBerry, an iPad2 and a trip to Miami.
The boy apparently told his parents of going to his boss’ house one night and seeing several young boys engaged in orgies with other older men.
If these details go public this paedophile will definitely be pushed down the hill. It seems that this man has not only inherited his late father’s business acumen but his predatory sexual ways as well.
But while daddy had a thing for young girls, he is targeting the boys.
Sticky wicket
A former top cricketer is playing nightwatchman on a field in an affluent neighbourhood.
He goes to the crease late at night, parks his top of the line ride in a dark hole and tiptoes over to the apartment of his young lover, who works at a well-known institution.
He apparently plays his innings and at the crack of dawn leaves the apartment dressed in exercise gear after a night of higher learning.
Residents who have been keenly observing his movements are saying that he will soon get run out or stumped when his wife finds out.
Daddy dearest
Workers at a certain office are crying shame on one of the senior personnel who has fathered the baby of a young girl who recently started working there.
Apparently this man, who will be retiring shortly, is already the father of two grown daughters and lives in a house with a woman he has had for several years.
Word is that the poor woman is taking the affair very hard while this man is behaving as if he is a teenager in love.
He not only put his name on the child’s birth certificate but he sleeps at this young woman every night.
Everyone in the office is gossiping about this illicit affair because several workers actually looked up to him; but now they are saying they have lost all respect and admiration for this man.
People are asking how he could bring such shame and disgrace to himself and his family, and have to be doing daddy duties at a time when he should be looking forward to being a grandfather.
They are wondering if he is spending his nights changing pampers and babysitting because he has already lost considerable weight and seems not to concentrate at work like he used to.