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BL&PS’ Worme calls for patience

Marlon Madden

BL&PS’ Worme calls for patience

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As Barbados joins the rest of the world in exploring and implementing alternate sources of energy, Stephen Worme, chief operating  officer of Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BL&P) is calling on residents to have patience.
Worme told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY that while there has been some noticeable progress by both Government and investors, and a greater level of interest from residents, it will take a while longer before the island could really benefit from alternate sources of energy.
“There are a lot of factors that will have to be addressed to get some of these systems in place, because it is not only the willingness of the consumers, it is also the willingness of the financers and the policies that government set.
“My feeling is that maybe the expectation of [our] doing it a little quicker may have been a little bit optimistic,” he said.
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