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DEAR CHRISTINE: Boyfriend very possessive

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Boyfriend very possessive

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Dear Christine,
I am 20 years old and in love with a guy. At the start, everything was going quite good for both of us. Now, he has changed.
    Every time I go out on my own, he accuses me of being out with a man.
I have a very good job and I give him everything he wants. He also gives me things from time to time. So far, so good; but I cannot stand his jealousy.
One night I caught a bus with a friend and the friend paid my fare. When my boyfriend found out, he was blue vex.
I am not sure what to do because I really love him and would do anything to make things good between us, but he is so jealous.
When he talks to other girls, it does not bother me at all. Please answer soon.
– R.P.
Dear R.P.,
I don’t know if any attempt to reassure your boyfriend that you love him and are faithful to him will help, but I encourage you to try.
If he continues on the road he is on, his unjust accusations and undeserving remarks will eventually wear you down. If talking to him does not help, you may have to keep far from him.
People who are insanely jealous can become very dangerous to be around. You never really know when they will explode and cause physical harm.
Be careful and desist from giving him information on every little thing that goes on in your life. You may mean it for good, but with his jealous nature, you could be adding fuel to the fire.