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DEAR CHRISTINE: In love with two-timing man

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DEAR CHRISTINE: In love with two-timing man

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Dear Christine,
I love to read your column and the answers you give. That’s why I would like you to help me with a problem I have.
I am 28 years old and in love with D, who says he loves me, yet every time I look around I see him with a particular woman. I cannot say anything to him about her as he gets very defensive.
Christine, I cannot even keep a male friend, as D accuses me of having any man I am just friends with.
Recently I was in The City and saw the two of them shopping around. He looked up at me, said nothing, and went on his way with her. The next day he was knocking at my door, asking if he could stay over for the night.
When I asked him again about this woman, he told me I am the only person he really loves and I am his real girl. He also said it’s me first and any other person after.
What am I to make of this? What do I do?
– Hurt
Dear Hurt,
You need to say goodbye to this two-timing man who seems to think that you are a piece of land he owns and tends to when he sees fit. What he is doing, he is doing right before your very eyes. Are you so blinded by what you call love that you cannot see it?
He’s a two-timer. Do you consider him to be your boyfriend when he is out shopping with another woman in broad daylight, then passes you like you’re a lamp post?
Don’t you believe that you deserve better?
And about you being the real one and the first one, in order for you to be the first one, there has to be a second and possibly a third and fourth one, don’t you think? Saying you are the real one suggests to me that you’re up against some competition.
He should tell you that you’re the only one, but he will never tell you that. Open your eyes and see what’s going on.
My advice would be to leave this trickster immediately. Don’t allow yourself to be used by him anymore.