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DEAR CHRISTINE: For want of a visa

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: For want of a visa

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Dear Christine,
I am a reader of your column on an everyday basis, and I hope that you’ll keep up the good work you’re doing.
Here is a problem I’d like to share.
I am 72 years old and was a seaman for many years. As a result I did lots of travelling. I went to New York in 2005 to visit my family.
My wife (from whom I have been separated for ten years) told authorities I was going to work. When I arrived at JFK International Airport, the authorities sent me back and said I could not return until five years had passed.
 After five years I went back and the young woman that interviewed me said I looked like I would not come back.
Christine, I have my house here.
I get my pension here. Why would I go to New York to live at this age?
My daughter is getting married in July and she wants me to walk her down the aisle. She is my only daughter and I would like to do that for her.
Is there any kind-hearted person out there that can help me obtain a visa?
Please, I am not going to run and go anywhere. I have the money for the application. I only need someone to help me so I can be there for my daughter.
She keeps putting off the wedding waiting to hear if I would be able to walk her down the aisle.
– W
Dear W,
Deciding whether you enter the United States is entirely up to the officials at the United States Embassy in Barbados. They are the only ones who can grant you a visa.
I am not sure if your daughter can send you or the embassy officials a letter stating her wish to have you, her father, walk her down the aisle. Give it a try, and I wish you all the best.