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DE MARKET VENDOR: Dat is how we respect our heroes?

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: Dat is how we respect our heroes?

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Last Saturday was National Heroes’ Day, the birthday of de Right Excellent Grantley Adams, National Hero, and he party, de BLP, had a big event pun de East Coast road.
Sunday morning, de next day, De Vendor was walking pun de said East Coast Road, known to all ah we as Cattlewash and de garbage from de event was shameful. Dat is how we does respect we heroes – by littering and leffing garbage all over de place?
De NATION shoulda tek a photo and print um; it was horrible! Wha’ wrong wid we as a people that we so nasty, that we can’t carry we garbage or at least find a bin to put it in? Also de National Conservation Commission know dat a big event gine tek place so wunnah couldn’t put more bins than usual and have a clean-up crew pun de scene right after, just like Crop Over? Miss Tudor from NISE got plenty more wuk to do to get we to be nice people!
Darren Sammy say we get outplay at “critical moments” in the Test series. Yeah, Sammy, like when you drop the Aussie danger man David Warner in Dominica! I, like udder West Indians, tired of de lotta long talk and I predict wunnah gine got more excuses in England. Wunnah could tek a leaf out of De Tiger book and bat like he and become the man of de series – 37 years old and still de best batsman we got.
De PM say dat duh got summuch people trying to nurse de Government dat by de time them done de Government would have sore nipples! But, PM, is politicians who does mek de people believe that de Government got a legal obligation to support dem and provide fuh dem! Big men sit pun de block and don’t work but we spend millions of dollars pun Project Oasis. What was de outcome of dat one? Anything growing in dat Oasis?
Shanique Myrie finally mek it into Bubbadus.
She is a sturdy-looking Jamaican woman and de CCJ say de Government got a case to answer. Game on!
De Vendor was up in Antigua last week and couldn’t help but see signs everywhere; de man Stanford, formerly Sir Allen, might be in prison but he still large in de place. He name still pun everything: Stanford T20 cricket, Sticky Wicket Stadium, Stanford, Stanford everywhere.
You would swear de man still in charge! And de grounds and gardens in tip-top shape too!
I was in a restaurant and a fine-looking and well tanned lady wid stats that could rival Sachin Tendulkar enter de place, and De Vendor ask a question and de reply was “she is Stanford madam” – as in de mistress! One thing I would say fuh de man, he had good taste in most things and nearly get away wid it too!
Pun YouTube dey got a video of a GT gal pun stage at Reggae Pun De Beach. She getting plenty hits, metaphorically speaking. It was more like convulsions pun de beach and nearly all de assets exposed! Check it!
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?