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Bank watch on Seasons, Almond

Ryan Gilkes

Bank watch on Seasons, Almond

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Though he couldn’t say how soon the Four Seasons project will start or what would replace Almond Beach Village, Central Bank Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell says the two are constantly under review.
He was speaking during a lunchtime lecture entitled How Do We Keep The Economy Stable? at the Frank Collymore Hall, organized as part of the bank’s open day to mark its 40th anniversary.
“My economists currently have projections as to the construction schedule for the Four Seasons resort and the projected time for the reopening. It is not going to be this year. That is very clear,” Worrell said, adding that the bank was still in the process of re-calculating the impact the closure of Almond Beach Village would have.
“I don’t think that anybody knows what that is going to be . . . whatever our calculations reveal, we will then make the necessary adjustments to ensure that we live within our means. That’s the reality. We can hope for better times but we have to deal with the reality.”
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