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Cuban hopes

Barry Alleyne

Cuban hopes

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Nine weeks after ending a hunger strike on a promise by Government to consider his position, Raul T. Garcia still sits in a cell waiting to see daylight for the first time in almost 17 years.
His attorney, David Comissiong, is hoping that light will be at the end of the tunnel this week.
Comissiong is hoping for a site visit to the facility where Garcia is expected to be housed until Government can find a country willing to accept him.
“I spoke to the Prime Minister [Freundel Stuart] on April 20, and he assured me they were continuously working on the facility that will be housing Mr Garcia and it would be soon completed,” Comissiong told the DAILY NATION yesterday.
According to Comissiong, Stuart stressed he had not forgotten about Garcia’s plight, and that Government would keep its word to move Garcia to a non-punitive facility in the interim.
“This is still a very important issue, not just for Mr Garcia, but for Barbados as well, from a human rights perspective,” the attorney added.
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