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Thomas to address the nation

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Thomas to address the nation

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ST GEORGE’S, Grenada  – Embattled Grenadian leader Tillman Thomas, at the centre of a widening rift in his government, is to address the nation tonight “on the present situation in the country”, a brief statement from the prime minister’s office said.
The statement said the prime minister’s broadcast was scheduled for 8 p.m. “on all stations” and comes as the main opposition New National Party files a vote of no confidence in Thomas amid internal wrangling which has so far resulted in the resignation of a senior minister and the sacking of a junior minister.
The prime minister is expected to announce a new tourism minister to fill the vacancies left by Peter David and his junior tourism minister Senator Arley Gill.
“Among the issues to be addressed will be the appointment of a Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture,” the statement added.
On Monday, David resigned from the cabinet. Then on Wednesday, Thomas confirmed that he asked Governor General Sir Carlyle Glean to revoke the senatorial position of Gill, the junior tourism and culture minister, saying that he would most probably be given a diplomatic posting.
“He was not fired from the government but he will no longer be a parliamentarian, his position as a senator will be revoked, we are in the process of doing just this,” Thomas told reporters.
“We will be finding a position for him as an ambassador or something else, that does not tantamount to a demotion or fired, as far as I know he is still part of the government,” he said.
The country has entered a second week of charges and counter-charges among party leaders, claims of conspiracy, and open verbal warfare among ministers. (CMC)