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Racial fear

Tim Slinger

Racial fear

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PROMINENT BUSINESSMAN?Jacob Hassid yesterday responded with shock and anger to union boss Sir Roy Trotman’s labelling of him as an “Egyptian Jew”, while warning that such an “unfair and unjust” attack could stir up racial hatred in the country.
“I think it has further implications about Barbados, racism, the treatment of foreign investors and fairness in general,” Hassid said in a WEEKEND?NATION?exclusive interview.
“I trust the people of Barbados to be not only honourable but to be intelligent enough to process information, to challenge information and to make their choices and decisions. But you don’t need more than one person that is crazy to behave in a dangerous manner,” he added.
The Diamonds International boss was responding to comments made by the Barbados Workers’ Union general secretary at the May Day rally held at Browne’s Beach on Tuesday.
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