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Foolishness all roun’

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Foolishness all roun’

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PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD does do some things dat does make ya shake ya head and wonder if duh foolish, if duh bewitch, if duh gone off, if duh blind, if duh gone mad, if duh stupid or if duh just plain igrant.
Fuh trute. Now look at this. The other day I came across a story in the newspaper ’bout a man who had a problem wid his teeth and went tuh the dentist. But look at who he went tuh; he went tuh a dentist woman who he brek up wid just days before.
Next thing ya know, the woman put the man under some serious strong anaesthetic and pull evah single teet outta he head. You could only imagine how she mussee had tuh put she foot in he chest tuh get out all o’ dem teet, especially the ones dat was good, and doan talk ’bout the wisdom teets at all; even when duh bad, dem does give a dentist old hell tuh come out.
So you could only imagine the venom and vindictiveness dat rise up in she.
But dat ain’t even all the poor man had tuh endure. The woman who he left the dentist for turn around and left he too because she couldn’t handle he wid-out teet. Now dat is what ya would call igrant!
Evahtime ya look around nowadays ya could see some li’ll girl who body ain’t dream tuh be developed yet and she either pregnant or got a baby in she hand looking very awkward and struggling gine long. And all ya could ask ya’self when ya see dem is, why she couldn’t wait, nuh? But you would think dat other li’l schoolgirls would see this and try tuh steer clear of it? No, some o’ duh like duh still brekking duh necks tuh guh down the same road, like duh feel it cahn happen tuh dem.
I talking ’bout the 15-year-old schoolgirl who write Dear Christine last week telling her how she in love wid a boy but her family, especially the father, doan think she should be studying boys yet, dat she should concentrate pon her schoolwork.  
Wha’ she ain’t know dah? She cahn see dat from the time a li’l young schoolgirl get sheself pregnant fuh a schoolboy, the boy does be considered macho by he friends and still gine long tuh school and the girl does be out o’ school wid a big guts and nuhbody tuh support the child?
Another thing: duh got women dat know men who doan drive a stroke when the day come but would go and get duhselves involved wid dem, even tuh the point o’ calling dem duh boyfriends. And as if dat ain’t bad enough, these women does even go and get pregnant fuh dem, knowing fully dat dem duhselves ain’t wukking nuhwhere and the men ain’t wukking, so the poor li’l children now suffering.
Duh got women out there who have good jobs, a li’l car and working fuh good money but does be in a relationship where the man does be putting he hand in dem tail evah chance he get because he jealous and insecure. But somehow these women does refuse tuh leave these kinda men nuh matter what.
 I doan know what ya does call dat, love or stupidity but I know Singing Francine say, dog does run away, cat does run away and ya should put two wheels pon ya heels.
And wha’ ’bout the women who know dat a man married but would still go and get into a relationship wid he because he telling dem the same old crap, using the same lame foolish line women was hearing since Adam was a lad ’bout his wife.
Married men
Then, when years pass and the same man who was telling dem all along dat he only staying wid he wife because o’ the children and dat he and his wife doan even sleep in the same bed turn around and refuse tuh leave his wife because she now pregnant again, these women does become vindictive and spiteful and start calling the woman and cussing she out, telling she all the things dem do wid she husband. Now who fault dat is? She ain’t stupid?
But duh got another type o’ married man who does go and get involved wid another woman and all of a sudden decide dat he doan want the wife nuh more; so he does tell the outside woman all the wife business and she, another indifferent wretch, does be purposely harassing the poor woman. So when he eventually get home now and the wife start tuh tell he ’bout what the woman told her, he does turn loose a beating pon the woman fuh nutten, all because o’ the outside woman.
The old married men especially indifferent too. Talk ’bout foolish? Dem take the cake when it comes tuh the young girls who dem does set up in nice apartments and pay the rent, carry dem pon trips and give dem money tuh go tuh the salons evah week for the weaves and nail extensions. While the poor old wife home catching kittens and calling he a old fart, he out there letting the young girl rob he out o’ he pension and evah blind cent he wuk fuh ovah the years. Half the time the young girls does be telling duh friends ’bout he and having a good laugh. Duh too stupid. Doan think not!
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.

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