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Road to disaster

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Road to disaster

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BARBADIANS HAVE TAKEN TO CELLPHONES and are snapping pictures with them wherever they go.
And the one place that they do this is on the road, where some of the funniest and craziest things can be seen on a daily basis.
Over the last few weeks,  SATURDAY?SUN readers have been sending us some of the sights they are encountering while in traffic, and some of the images are simply unbelievable.
Last week we carried a picture of a truck on top of another truck with two men standing oblivious of, or unconcerned about, the danger this action posed to themselves if the truck had turned or come to a sudden halt.
But that was just one of the gems sent to us.
Others simply boggle the mind, like caskets being transported on the back of a small van, a strange-looking three-wheel vehicle manoeuvring through traffic, trucks transporting large boats, a car carrying cement – on top of the trunk!
What’s next? you ask.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of flouting of the law as well, like an ATV doing wheelies on a highway. Sheer madness!
One contributor in complaining about an ATV being used to perform stunts on the ABC Highway a week ago, said: “This gentleman, driving without a helmet – and I saw no licence on the vehicle – thought it was okay to do wheelies on the highway.
He did them going west first, towards the Simpson’s roundabout, and then in the other direction towards the BS&T roundabout.”
“Yet we hear people saying that these vehicles are always driven responsibly! It is unfortunate that a few irresponsible people . . . can spoil things for the others,” added the woman, whose daughter shot the accompanying photograph with her cellphone. (RJ/SP)