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Flower colour

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Flower colour

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The fragrance and vibrant hues of freshly cut flowers filled St Patrick’s Anglican Church, where large, colourful displays were mounted yesterday at the inaugural flower show.  
Traditional and modern concepts of floral arranging are being showcased under the theme For Everything There Is A Season. Coordinator Erskine Griffith said that the arrangements were done to depict the different seasons of the church year as well as some of those on the calendar year.
Throughout the church in St Patrick’s, Christ Church, yellow and white floral arrangements were seen and Griffith said that the main arrangements were depicting the season of Easter.
“The entire sanctuary represents Easter; the colours yellow and white are used during the Easter time and the colours are used to depict that because even the priests dress in those colours,” Griffith said.
He added that some of the other significant events recognized were Lent, which was depicted through a vibrant purple arrangement; Pentecost, portrayed by red, and the Ascension, dramatized in white.
Some of the 59 arrangements stood impressively at more than ten feet tall, while others were brought to life with trees, twigs and pieces of driftwood which enhanced the beauty of the flowers.
The arrangements were designed by Joan Linton, a national and international arranger, as well as Carolyn Parris-Boyce, Wayne Ramsey, Trevor Inniss and David Yearwood.
The flower show, which opened Friday and concludes today, is to raise funds to continue the restoration work on the church which was consecrated in 1843.
Restoration work has been ongoing over the past few years with the exterior of the church being repainted. In the adjoining church centre, which will be used for community projects, the floor was replaced and the kitchen and bathrooms refurbished.
Yesterday, as part of the flower show, there was a special programme by the band called The Redmen and tea was served in the afternoon. This evening there will be a concert to close the flower show. (LK)