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No wind? Push

Heather-Lynn Evanson

No wind? Push

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The sails were up. The cane was there. And people were waiting.
The only thing that seemed to have missed the invitation was the wind.
But that did not stop the lone working windmill on the island from putting on a show for the dozens of people who turned up in St Andrew yesterday.
By sheer brute strength, the sails of the almost 300-year-old Morgan Lewis windmill turned slowly, providing locals and visitors with a glimpse into the island’s past when sugar was king and when windmills dotted the landscape as if the island was “Little Holland”, as opposed to “Little England”.
And when the first drops of the cane juice emerged, one visitor tasted it and pronounced: “Not too sweet. Just right!”
The turning of the Morgan Lewis windmill is an annual event, put on by the Barbados National Trust, during the crop season. This is the first time for the year the sails have turned.
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