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Circumcised man needs to grow up

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Circumcised man needs to grow up

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Dear Christine,
I AM WRITING in response to the article entitled Filled With Hate Over Circumcision which appeared in yesterday’s DAILY NATION. I am utterly annoyed with that man and his overly childish attitude.
Indeed, he is not the first and neither will he be the last to have this procedure done. It seems to me that maybe the problem isn’t the circumcision, but perhaps, what the circumcision made more obvious. This man needs to get a life or at least some kind of a hobby!
I have a four-year-old son who now has to be circumcised because his foreskin is glued to his penis and causes him intense pain and infections. We (my son and I) cannot wait to have it done. I personally think that apart from the fact that it is more hygienic, it is more attractive. I love how a circumcised penis looks.
I totally agree with you that this obviously disturbed man needs to seek professional assistance and speak to his parents openly about the way he feels. Unlike my son’s situation, where it has to be done, I guess it would be better to let the person decide whether he wanted to have the procedure performed on him.
I hear men say all the time they wished it had been done to them when they were younger because they were too scared to have it done now.
This man’s attitude and behaviour are inexcusable. And he is filled with hatred too? “Sadistic?” “Brutality?”
Thanks for your feedback. I am sure there are many readers like you who are annoyed.
Let’s hope this man truly comes to terms with his circumcised penis; stop infesting his system with so much hatred, anger, and resentment; and start loving and enjoying life.