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DEAR CHRISTINE: This hatred will make you sick

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: This hatred will make you sick

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Dear Christine,
I want to address the letter writer of the article which appeared in Monday’s paper.
Christine, is this man insane? Only an insane person would go around trying to be what he is not; hurting others – including his parents, because he was circumcised, and having the heart to boast so openly about his hatred and deceit.  
As you’ve stated, he needs professional help, urgently. To carry around this kind of hatred is going to make him sick to the bone.
I have a former boyfriend who was circumcised, and he was very pleased that it was done. In fact, he used to brag: “I have a good looking penis.”
Why is this man so resentful? Did something go wrong with the procedure?
I would really welcome other comments from readers – especially those who were circumcised, or from parents who had their sons circumcised.
Dear Concerned,
As you’ll see elsewhere, another reader has expressed her annoyance at the letter.
I cannot answer all your questions, and I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to entertain any more comments via Dear Christine. However, thanks for writing.