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DEAR CHRISTINE: Young man needs counselling

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Young man needs counselling

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Dear Christine,
I wish to respond to that young man who has a problem with being circumcised.
I don’t know why he has so much self-hatred and embarrassment. Perhaps the first young lady he met with laughed at his first sexual encounter. Perhaps fellows laughed at him. I do not know his age, but I’ll like to let him know that millions of men are circumcised.
I am a mother of three young men. I have never circumcised my boys, but in raising them I realized that I had to tell them to roll back that foreskin when bathing.
It can smell if not cleaned properly. It can carry germs and cause men to pick up sexual transmitted diseases much more quickly than someone who is circumcised. This has been medically proven.
Also, some men find this foreskin is tight and it gives them discomfort so they opt to be circumcised as adults.
Stop having casual sex. Get to know a nice young woman and hold off the sex in favour of friendship at first. Your sexual organ does not define who you are. The right girl would know this.
Strange though, I have come across men who thought their penises were too small, and some who though theirs were too large. Never have I heard a complaint about circumcision, which was done for a health benefit.
You need to thank your parents not condemn them. Get some counselling! There has to be deeper issues than what you have written about.