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Zombies coming out for Crop Over

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Zombies coming out for Crop Over

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TWENTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD TONY CUTTING, also known as The Successor, is not known – yet.
Currently working in the Marlox Fox Studios, he is planning to hit the airwaves soon with a track called Zombies.
“I have always wanted to do something for Crop Over,” said Cutting. “I have a couple of songs written that have been to the studio before but I have never pursued them. After talking to the Father, I asked him which one I was to do and I stumbled upon this ‘riddim’ and the whole Crop Over feeling just started to come back.”
In explaining why he chose the title Zombies, Cutting said the name represented something positive for him because “when you see zombies” [as depicted on television] they are focused and not easily deterred from achieving their goal”.
He added:?“You could use something that is perceived to be bad and take the good from it. When I say Zombies, you picture 5 000 masqueraders coming down and you get that kind of zombie effect: we’re moving together, it’s about unity amongst ourselves. The whole concept is about empowerment.
“Take away all the negatives from zombies, they are very focused.
“They know what they want to achieve; no one can come in and disrespect them.
“This is our festival. This is our time to show the world that we are one,” Cutting said. (JS)