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Boss sticking to hard ball

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Boss sticking  to hard ball

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IT SEEMS that a certain boss never intends to follow the law when it comes to employees’ rights in this country.
Even though the minimum wage has been increased that boss is paying workers a paltry $5 per hour wage and refuses to increase that amount.
Recently some workers went to the accountant, asking about their increases. They never received an answer but the boss turned up the next day and ordered them off the property. Now the other workers are afraid to do anything.
What this boss has been cleverly doing is categorizing all the employees as general workers and forcing them to do any task they are asked to do.
Pudding & Souse understands the workers have drawn the situation to the attention of the Labour Department and the Barbados Workers’ Union, but this boss has a tendency to lock horns with anyone who gets in their way.
This boss would rather pay the big law firm to fight a case in court than give the workers what they are legally entitled to.
She has no shame!
WHY is a certain professional walking around pushing her disabled relative in a stolen wheelchair?
Some colleagues spotted her at an event with the chair and were shocked to see that it still had the words “Queen Elizabeth Hospital” on it.
They want to know why this woman, who has been giving her colleagues so much trouble over the years by making various complaints against them, should be in possession of Government’s property.
They want her to know that they will be clocking her every move from now on and she should stop letting the maid carry items to her vehicle every day in black garbage bags because it is clear that she is “dumping” these things only at her home.
‘Face’ of disgust
THE INFAMOUS Fashion Police site on Facebook is up and running again but moves are afoot by certain fashion gurus to shut it down once and for all.
Even though the site administrator has toned down the language and is no longer taking photographs from other sources to put on its page, the criticisms being made against those who have committed major fashion “crimes” have apparently hit a raw nerve.
The site has obviously become very popular but Bajans are now ducking from the cameras when they go to events because they are afraid to be featured there.
From what we understand, a group is planning to petition Facebook management to take the page down ASAP.
Double blow
A CONSTRUCTION WORKER who was in great physical pain after being injured on the job now has to deal with mental pain as well since he was subsequently laid off.
What makes the situation worse is that the boss man is asking who will pay the cost for the construction equipment damaged in the incident.
Some say that with a heart like this, this boss should not be involved in tourism, which emphasizes hospitality and the softer touch. He should stick to concrete and steel.