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Don’t be fooled by false prophets

as told to Sanka Price

Don’t be fooled by false prophets

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THIS IS NOT A RELATIONSHIP ISSUE, but it’s for vulnerable women in Barbados.
Christians, don’t go around those so-called “prophets” of God and give your hard-earned money to them. They are out to fool you; they are out to get your money.
They promise that if you give them, let’s say $10 000, you will get ten times or maybe 20 times more.
They are prophets??!!
Do you know what a prophet is?
A prophet is God’s spokesman. If a prophet says tomorrow you will get a million dollars, it should happen. It will happen if he is a true prophet of God. But in my case nothing happened. I was “scrambling” to find money to pay for my child’s education; yes, I had the money for that purpose.
I can’t cry
My child is studying overseas. I took up the money and gave it to the “prophet”. Don’t laugh – but I got to laugh; I can’t cry.
What was I thinking? How could I have given away my money?
Now I have to repay the bank and still maintain my child at university.
You can’t beg anybody to give you money.
I can’t put “the prophet” in court, because I gave him the money in cash, and he did not give me a receipt to prove I gave him anything.
Other prophets are also out there doing this to mostly unsuspecting, vulnerable women.
People are too ashamed and embarrassed to come forward. Some people would say you should not cry down the “man of God” – that you will burn in hell.
Not me. I want to expose them.
I am suffering financially because I believed him to be a true prophet.
Do you think these non-Barbadians with their smooth accents should be doing this to people of God? How are they getting this money out of the country? Is this part of CARICOM togetherness?
Somebody I spoke to likened this to taking the wool off the sheep’s back (church) in winter (a recession) and leaving them cold and naked.
I know I was stupid. I was foolish to believe the man.
Being targeted
Business people need to beware too. You are being targeted. Don’t give $10 000 to any prophet of God thinking God will bless your business. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. I see this happening with my own eyes.
One last thing: I learnt to read my Bible for myself as a result of this. I think I used to go to church, listen to a sermon, but not be deep in God’s word. The Bible speaks of these prophets in the book of Jude, in 2 Peter and in Jeremiah 23.
There is a book called Merchandising The Anointing by Rick Renner. I believe all churches should have a copy of this book.
I ain’t leaving out the church. I ain’t leaving out God. I still have life. I am praying for me, for people and for the prophets. May God have mercy on you. God don’t sleep. Payday will come.
Foolishness must stop
This has been going on for too long. This foolishness must stop! Like my girlfriend who telephoned me to borrow $250 to give a prophet to break generational curses.
Wake up, people of God. God don’t like ugly.  
I was listening to a programme on Thursday night from ten o’clock to 11. People called in and cursed the woman of God. She was preaching on hell and on righteous living.?They didn’t want to hear. My eyes are open now.