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Ready, set, GO

Carol Martindale

Ready, set, GO

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CROP OVER FESTIVAL 2012 is not yet officially in gear, but Anderson Blood Armstrong has already hit the ground running.
Again this year, Blood is one of the first out of the blocks with his music.
It is a formula that has worked for him in recent times, and this entertainer who has years under his belt, especially in the calypso artform, has no plans of stopping.
He has already released two uptempo songs This Is De One and GO which is on the airwaves.
Blood admits that he started releasing his music early to help jumpstart the vibe of the festival. He also said it gives entertainers a chance to cash in on some of the early performances and bookings up for grabs throughout the season.
There is another reason.
“People also gauge what they will do as far as jumping from the feeling the music gives them. Often people would say that a particular song made them want to jump,” he reasoned.
Blood is not at all concerned about releasing his music early for fear of the songs getting stale.
In fact, he said just the opposite happens. He noted that if a song is slow to pick up, it will have enough time to do just that and in some cases, “outlive” some of the other songs.
He said too, that if some songs picked up quickly and were good, they would become even bigger hits by the end of the festival.
“The music is made to last and live beyond the season,” he said.
“Each year that I have released music early has worked really well. I think now others are getting the drift and starting to release early as well. Which is what I intended – for everyone to start working and preparing early. Treat it with the importance it deserves and very soon music of all genres will be coming out all year and getting their just recognition,” he said.
He believes too that more artistes need to get their music out early to help rev up the festival.
In fact, his challenge to them is to get the music out and “let the vibes flow”.
This year, Blood also has a ragga soca with a foreday morning vibe Any & Everything, with Hypasounds and has also teamed up with Cathy Elle Electra Allman for Dohn Stop. He also has his own Dah Fuh Lick Ya.
Blood said he will soon be coming with his commentaries as well.
“I am very excited about the festival and I think we will have a fantastic year. From the music I have heard and worked on it sounds as though we are going to have a fantastic crop of songs.
“What I would love is for the music to be played in the fetes and on the radio with more frequency. I also want people to go to the tents and take in some of the artists outside of the party element,” he added, appealing for support for the commentary as well.