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Man found dead in St James

sherieholder, [email protected]

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A St James man was discovered dead by police at his Holders Hill St James residence Saturday evening.
Antonia Yarde believed to be in his late sixties was last seen by his neighbor Beryl Leacock on Tuesday night and according to her, ‘ I found it strange that I did not see him on Wednesday or Thursday and got very concerned, so when I decided knocked on the house on Friday and there was no answer, so I called the police on Saturday evening.’
She went on to say that ‘when the police came they were able to get into the house and that was when they made the discovery of his lifeless body in the house.’
Another neighbor Simon Griffith, describe the former messenger of Federal Bookmakers, as a ‘cool and very genuine person who would not pass you with speaking to you and we last spoke on May day this year where we talked for about half of an hour and I will miss him’.’ He also loved the English races and he still use to go there at his former workplace every day’.
A small crowd gathered at the scene as members of the Royal Barbados Police Force carried out their investigations. (RL)