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Think twice!

Yvette Best

Think twice!

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You are robbing yourself!
That is what Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar is telling Barbados and other territories that are making it difficult for non-nationals who are educated in their countries to access jobs.
Ramotar spoke to the DAILY NATION yesterday evening after hearing several complaints from Guyanese nationals during a meeting at the Amaryllis Beach Resort about access to, and the prohibitive costs of, education for them, as well as the non-recognition of qualifications from the University of Guyana.
Specific to people not being hired after leaving school, Ramotar said that based on what he was hearing, a territory was “robbing” itself of the services of people who were available to them.
“If kids are here studying and they pass the CXC [Caribbean Examinations Council’s] Examination, but they can’t get a job here, I think it is just robbing themselves of a human resource that they could use to the development of their own country,” he remarked.
“Not only are you creating, probably unnecessarily, bad feelings, but you’re robbing your own country of resources.”
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