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Eyes ahead!

John Sealy

Eyes ahead!

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PRIME MINISTER Freundel Stuart prefers to focus on getting his party back in office and letting Barbadians know about his Government’s record and not be distracted by a recent CADRES poll that says he is the least favoured to lead Barbados at this time.
Stuart said he was “not inflated by praise nor am I deflated by criticism. I receive both with phlegmatic serenity. I keep focus on the goal ahead, not only to the development of Barbados but the return of the Democratic Labour Party to office after the next general election whenever I decide to call it.
“That is where my gaze is focused. I will not be distracted by polls, even utility poles.”
He said the “author of the poll” Peter Wickham did not say anything that he was not saying “since 2000 on call in programmes or in the newspaper”.
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