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DEAR CHRISTINE: Pregnant for married man

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Pregnant for married man

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Dear Christine,
I would like your help. I am 22 years old and in love with a 45-year-old married man who has four children. He says he does not speak to his wife, yet she still washes most of his clothes and he visits the home every day.
For sure, he loves me the most because he sleeps with me the most.
I would like for him to divorce his wife and let us get married, but he says his wife is still interested, she has not done him anything, and that he loves to run around.
Christine, I am having a baby for him, and my parents have allocated a room for us to have our privacy. He gives my family whatever they want.
I would like him to settle down and make a home with me because most of his clothes are at me and I cook for him. Please tell me what to do.
– D.D.
Dear D.D.,
The first thing you have to do is stop living a fantasy – as though you are oblivious to the fact that this man is already married. You also have to see this man for who he is. Hasn’t he told you that he loves to run around? Why are you trying to cling to a rambling vine?
He is old enough to be your father; he has no respect for you, his wife, or your parents. And, your parents should not be encouraging him to the home knowing he is married. They have not given his wife and four children any thought, have they? And why have you also bought into the lie that he does not speak to his wife? How does she get around to washing his clothes?
I am not sure how you will manage, but I hope you know that you’re setting yourself up for a lot of heartache.
Trust me! He will continue to go home to his wife; divorce is the last thing on his mind. After all, he’s enjoying the best of both worlds. Get a life of your own and leave this man alone to support his wife and children.