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City fete fright

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

City fete fright

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Residents of Lakes Folly, The City, are under siege from people holding illegal dub fetes in an area known as “Gaza” on Friday and Saturday nights.
They are being bombarded by loud music blasting from oversized speakers, DJs spitting out profanities, intermittent gunshots, fights and vandalism of their vehicles.
But they are afraid to speak out or even complain to the police because they believe they may be putting their lives at risk.
Angry residents from the close-knit inner City district, who requested anonymity, told the WEEKEND?NATION two former residents, who persistently complained to the police about the illegal activities, lost their homes due to mysterious fires.
The fetes are held at a small wooden shop located at the back of the Bridgetown Sewage Treatment Plant but the majority of patrons, who usually number in the hundreds, congregate outside the shop.
An official at the plant said they were baffled as to who had given permission for the shop to be erected there and for the fetes to be held at the location because the land was owned by Government and the structure was only put up after residents were relocated three years ago.
“There are no toilet facilities on the premises. They throw their bottles and cups over our fencing. We have contacted the police about the problem,” the employee stated, adding that officials at the Ministry responsible for Water Resources Management were aware of the situation. (News Desk Exclusive)
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