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What’s in your way?

Cheryl Gittens

What’s in your way?

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Have you ever wanted to do something for years and never seem to get around to it because you know that you had really good reasons for postponing your very important projects and ideas?
As human beings we spend a great portion of our lives launching ideas and desires that are meant to solve the problems or challenges we experience.
We are constantly toggling between recognizing that there is something we want on account of not having it and the creative pursuit of closing these gaps in order to satisfy our needs. Yet, notwithstanding the potency of our desires and the benefits we can derive from fulfilling them, we often fail to pursue our goals and dreams.
There are many reasons for this and I will share a few. Some of the thoughts and feelings that stand between us and what we desire include inadequacy, our track record, and holding on to who we are.
Occasionally we accept the possibility that we can achieve a long-held goal like a promotion, a house, a new career or opening a business.
But as we launch that desire, we simultaneously back-pedal and start questioning if we are enough. Are we smart, wealthy, young, experienced enough to go after what we want, far less achieve it?
Feelings of inadequacy prevent us from moving forward, placing us on hold as we try to find ways to make ourselves more acceptable, prepared or deserving of the goals we so deeply want to manifest.
Famous inspirational teacher Iyanla Vanzant’s best seller Acts Of Faith made its debut as a photocopied, stapled text. For many, it was enough.
This is not a promotion of anything goes, but rather a caution that often people value you more than you value yourself. You are enough.
The difference between people realizing their dreams and others waiting in the wings is that they accepted themselves as being enough, being deserving and prepared enough to launch their dreams. Get out of your way!
Your track record
This is my favourite obstacle because it demonstrates the power we have to create anything we want. One of my mentors put it quite bluntly when he says, “If you know better, you do better. You are creators.” ‘
Many of us look to our past failings to determine whether future successes are possible.  The truth is that a preoccupation with the firmly held belief that you are capable and willing to faithfully stay in action is what determines your outcomes.
Some of us have had many successes in the past, yet when faced with a new dream, we doubt ourselves. Doubtful thoughts and feelings discard the track record and then the results you get reflect what you are currently creating in your mind. So whether you have failed our succeeded in the past is irrelevant.
What you are thinking and feeling about your future creates your future. Get out of your way!
Holding on to Version 1.0
The exciting and daunting thing about life is that events are always launching in our lives, creating opportunities for us to grow in response to life’s events. Many of these events present as opportunities which we desire to pursue.
We cannot expect to experience a life that looks even slightly different from the one we are currently living without cultivating the character needed to live that life.
To operate at a different level of achievement means you have to change yourself to match your desires.
Many people desire better lives, jobs or incomes but refuse to trade in version “You 1.0”.
What qualities do you need to harness, hone or model in order to step out and start creating the job or life you want? You can’t step up the ladder while both your feet are firmly glued to the current rung. Get out of your way!
In the final analysis, I am speaking about fear. Fear quickly loses its power when we go into action, because action leaves evidence that we can achieve.
Once you start with the mindset that you create your outcomes, you are well on your way to getting out of your way. Life is good.