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$1.3b in VAT

Ricky Jordan

$1.3b in VAT

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Amid enthusiastic desk thumping from Government MPs, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler yesterday announced a healthy haul of $1.3 billion in value added tax (VAT) over the past 18 months and a dramatic slashing of the country’s fiscal deficit.
VAT’s outperformance of Government’s projections, Sinckler argued, was consistent with the progress of Barbados’ economy from recessionary trends onto a growth path.
The minister made this assertion while introducing in the House of Assembly the Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill which will extend the original 18-month increase in VAT from 15 to 17.5 per cent until further notice.
The move met immediate rejection from Opposition member, Mia Mottley, countering: “If you have performed better than anticipated, one would have expected there would be relief to the people of Barbados and not be hearing ‘until further notice’.”
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